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Julián Elvira

Julián Elvira is the creator of the Pronomos flute, and his name has become a reference for experimental and avant-garde flute music in Spain and throughout Europe. After completing his superior level studies at the Real Conservatorio in Madrid, Julián then received a Masters degree in flute performance at Corvin University of Budapest where he worked with Istvan Matuz (who conceived of the the “Complex” system). Since then he has focused his work on new trends and ways in flute performance.

He has premiered a long list of important Spanish and European composers, many of whom have dedicated their works to him. He has recorded for the Spanish Television (TVE), the Spanish National Broadcasting (RNE), Piccolo, Sello Autor, Verso, Plataforma LTW, Phonos and World Edition. His recordings as soloist include four CDs of music for solo flute as well as flute accompanied by electronics.

Julián Elvira flauta Pronomo interpreta Pronomos SAVAGE dances de Eduardo costa from estrellasonora - Tom Skipp on Vimeo.

Pronomos and Estrella Sonora present: Julián Elvira plays "Liturgia del silencio" by Alberto Posadas. A film by Tom Skipp from estrellasonora - Tom Skipp on Vimeo.

Alexandra Gardner's "Juniper" performed by Julián Elvira on Pronomos Flute - A film by Tom Skipp from estrellasonora - Tom Skipp on Vimeo.

Crasmúsicas "Pangwe Lingua" - Berlin Radialsystem from Crasmúsicas on Vimeo.

Julián Elvira


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